My Experience with Advocis by Gardy Frost

When I first started in the business in 2003, I was encouraged to join Advocis. I didn’t really know why except my peers who were doctors, lawyers, accountants, even realtors were all members of their respective associations, so I just thought it was what you did as part of being a professional.

For 10 years I dutifully paid my dues, took my CFP courses and read FORUM magazine. When I was approached to join the fellowship committee it made perfect sense to me to get involved and learn more about the organization. In 2014 I attended the BC Day at the Legislature and then I truly understood and appreciate the work being done behind the scenes of our upstanding organization. For those of you whom have never been to the Leg, I really recommend it. Our association does great things on behalf of all advisors, clients and the broader financial services industry in Canada.

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